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6.  College Recognition Events: We offer Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings, AJGA PBE, & we also manage the following National/International Championship Qualifiers:  Big I, Optimist International, & Callaway Jr. World.  3. Keep in mind that we offer Intermediate and Advanced levels.  So, if you aren't ready for college recruitment, no worries.  You can have fun on the JGA Tour at any level.  See below...

7. JGA Golf Academy:  John Petronis, PGA Teaching Professional is ranked as #3 Best Public Instructors in NJ by 2013 GolfStyles' Magazine.  Click above link or direct at: for lessons, college recruitment consultations, recruitment video, fittings, & more...


JGA Overview:

  1. JGA Tour (Golf Events & Course Access)
  2. JGA College Golf Recruitment Services (There's a college for everyone!)
  3. JGA Golf Academy (Lessons & Equipment Sales)

JGA Tour

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  • 9-hole Division
       Ages 6-7, Ages 8-9, Ages 10-11, Ages 12-13
  • 18-hole Division (3 Levels Offered) 
        Intermediate (Scores 85 & up)
        Advanced (84 & under) 
  • 36-hole College Golf Recognition Division (2 Levels Offered)
        Intermediate (Scores 85 & up)
        Advanced (Scores 84 & under)

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JGA College Recruitment

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  1. Compete in JGA Tour's 36-hole College Golf Recognition Division
    a. Experience. 
    b. Exposure to college golf coaches.
    c. Results are sent over 2,200 college golf coaches
    d. Results are ranked by the Junior Golf Scoreboard/GolfWeek*.
    e. Earn AJGA Performance Based Entries (PBE)
  2. Visit our services:
    a. Initial Consultations - How recruitment works
    b. How to write your Resume, Cover Letter, & Playing Schedules
    c. Follow-up Work Sessions d. We help you find the right for you!!!

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JGA Golf Academy

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      Everyone measures fun on a different level. We get it...We understand...

  • Some are learning for the first time.
  • Some want to play frequently & some infrequently.
  • Some want to join a golf course and others want to play everywhere.
  • Some want to compete to win while others want to simply get better.
  • Some want to play golf in college.
  • Some want to make golf their life!

      Whatever your passion is, we will help you achieve your goals.

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     John Petronis, PGA Golf Professional
     Mail: PO Box 72, Northfield, NJ 08225 

     JGA Office Location (no mail):

     500 St. Andrews, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 

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